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Elite Edge Greenhouse Review

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First Published:
22nd April 2019
Last Updated: 1st January 2024

It’s always exciting when one of your favourite manufacturer’s bring out a new greenhouse range, especially when they kept it all under wraps until launch day.

New for last year, Elite launched this latest range within their already extensive collection, this one dubbed "the edge". It’s available in one of the broadest selection of sizes we’ve seen, starting off with the smallest at 4ft (wide) x 8ft up to the largest 8ft (wide) by 20ft, so whatever the size of space you have available, there’s surely the right size for you and your garden.

Unlike the other Elite greenhouses ranges that we’ve had the chance to review already, this one comes in a different design, benefiting from a pent-style roof giving additional height inside. If this sounds likes something that would fit your growing requirements, then read on to see our full Elite edge greenhouse review.

Features of Elite Edge Greenhouses

  • Frame: Heavy-Duty ‘Titan’ Aluminium Framing
  • Frame Colours: 11 Total Frame Colour Options Available
  • Glazing: 4mm Thick Toughened Glazing
  • Door: Double Doors with Low Threshold Entry
  • Includes: Two Vents & One Louvre Window
  • Includes: Base Frame Plinth for Integrity
  • Includes: Bar Capping for Glazing Security
  • Feature: Pent Roof Design for Added Height
  • Feature: Integral Wide-open Gutters
  • Feature: Long-Established British Manufacturer
  • Feature: 10-Year Manufacturer’s Frame Guarantee
Guttering at Rear
Key Door Lock
Bar Capping


Borrowed from Elite’s titan greenhouses, every edge greenhouse makes use of a ‘titan’ main frame bar, a heavy-duty, highly durable main beam which offers additional strength to the rest of the frame and overall increases the rigidity, far surpassing the strength of most other greenhouses on the market to date.
Alongside this, a metal base plinth provides a solid and sturdy frame for the rest of the greenhouse to be sited on, while making it easier to both install and anchor down to a hardstanding floor.

As standard, it can be provided in silver aluminium. However, the frame can optionally be powder coated in an extensive variety of ten colour options! These ten other colours include a traditional green, a colourful berry, a vibrant navy and a soothing coffee-like mocha, which would not doubt help the greenhouse to blend in if placed against a brick wall. Powder coating also adds an extra layer of protection to your greenhouse, helping to protect it from weathering and rust for longer (we’re talking a decade at least) while keeping it looking newer and brighter for longer.

Underneath the double doors, you’ll find a low-threshold entry, which basically means that there’s no high support bar or frame for you to step over, just a small thin strip on the floor which helps to keep the door frame in place and stable. This is extremely beneficial for moving a wheelbarrow in and out, as well as for those gardeners who need assistance moving around with a wheelchair, as they won’t be obstructed from entering or exiting.


This range is limited to its glazing options, but having a choice of what glazing to choose isn't really needed as it already comes with the best as standard - 4mm thick toughened glazing. These are 33% thicker (4mm vs 3mm) than toughened glazing from other manufacturer’s and is provided in long panes, which not only cut down on installation time but also improves the finished appearance of the greenhouse design.

There are two main advantages of toughened glazing; firstly, in the event of a pane breaking, the glass shatters into tiny pieces rather than dangerous shards - ideal if children and pets are around. Secondly, the panes are provided as ‘long pane’, which are longer panes that fit the whole side of the greenhouse, rather than clipping multiple smaller panes together, as such with the horticultural option.

Additionally, the bar capping included as standard reinforces the glazing by securing it in place, aiding against water ingress. If you choose to have your greenhouse frame powder coated, then the bar capping will also be provided in a matching colour to suit.

Available Size Options

This range is available in three model sets, 400 for 4ft wide models, 600 for the 6ft wide models and 800 for the (yep - you guessed it) the 8ft wide models.

You can see all available sizes below, helping you choose which one would suit you and your garden best.

Note: The length side refers to the side with the door on (the front as seen in the imagery).

Edge 400 -

  • 4ft Wide by 8ft Length
  • 4ft Wide by 10ft Length
  • 4ft Wide by 12ft Length
  • 4ft Wide by 14ft Length
  • 4ft Wide by 16ft Length
  • 4ft Wide by 18ft Length
  • 4ft Wide by 20ft Length
    [Check Edge 400 Prices🛒]

Edge 600 -

  • 6ft Wide by 8ft Length
  • 6ft Wide by 10ft Length
  • 6ft Wide by 12ft Length
  • 6ft Wide by 14ft Length
  • 6ft Wide by 16ft Length
  • 6ft Wide by 18ft Length
  • 6ft Wide by 20ft Length
    [Check Edge 600 Prices🛒]

Edge 800 -

  • 8ft Wide by 8ft Length
  • 8ft Wide by 10ft Length
  • 8ft Wide by 12ft Length
  • 8ft Wide by 14ft Length
  • 8ft Wide by 16ft Length
  • 8ft Wide by 18ft Length
  • 8ft Wide by 20ft Length
    [Check Edge 800 Prices🛒]

Feature Highlights

Vents & Louvre
Each size of the edge is supplied with two front vents and a side louvre window, letting you control the temperature and humidity inside much more easily as they can either be opened and closed manually or automatically with the aid of an optional auto-opener (auto-openers around £35-£40 extra). It’s great to see a louvre window is supplied as standard, is this is a very rare occurrence with other greenhouse brands, and overall will really help to create the perfect atmosphere for your growing seedlings and plants.

Pent Roof Design
With a height of up to 2.7m on the larger 800 range, the pent roof design allows for extra height inside, perfect for growing your favourite vines and tall-growing crops, especially those wild-growing tomato plants, sunflowers, beans and cucumber. At the lower end of the roof, you’ll also find a wide gutter, which will capture rainfall and allow you to syphon into a water butt, perfect for watering your plants with.

Pent Roof Design
Louvre Window

Review Conclusion

I have to be honest - until now, I was never really keen on pent-roof greenhouses. But after having the chance to do this Edge greenhouse review, I can truly say that Elite has really made something special here.

The features and accessories included as standard, the strength of the frame, toughness of the glazing and the endless amount of size and colour options are really fantastic to see, and for gardeners means that you can truly make your greenhouse your own. I couldn’t find one thing to fault with this range, so it definitely deserves its 5-star rating.


Assembly - A good, detailed instruction manual provided, although expect installation (purely due to the size) range from 6 hours for the smaller ones up to 1-2 days for the larger.

Quality - Elite offer some of highest quality materials, sturdy designs and important features to create greenhouses to the best standards and integrity possible.

Range - You’ll find an almost infinite amount of size, colour and accessory options to really customise and make this greenhouse your own.

Value - Elite greenhouses are on the higher end of the price tag, but the quality, features, ‘Titan’ main frame, quality of fittings and overall finish more than makes it a worthwhile investment, lasting well beyond the initial 10-year guarantee.

Warranty - A 10-year frame warranty is supplied as standard. This isn't as long as what other brands offer, but considering the quality, we wouldn't be surprised if these greenhouses stay standing for many decades to comes.

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