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Juliana Compact Greenhouse Review

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First Published:
13th June 2018
Last Updated: 1st May 2022

It may be called compact, but with growing space up to 6.6m2, there’s still a lot of room to grow your favourite flowers and crops in Juliana’s starter greenhouse range. With an attractive design, modern colour options and handy practical features as standard, the Juliana Compact greenhouse range would be a greenhouse that any gardener would be proud of!

We’ve been lucky enough to see this range in person and have to say that they’re one of the highest-quality greenhouses we’ve seen. If you’re looking to purchase a greenhouse model from this range, read up on our full Juliana compact greenhouse review to find out everything that it has to offer you and your garden.

Features of the Juliana Compact Range

  • Frame: Aluminium & Powder Coated Framing
  • Glazing: Toughened or Polycarbonate
  • Includes: 1 - 2 Openable Roof Vents
  • Includes: Base Frame Kit
  • Includes: Gutters with Leaf Guards
  • Feature: Low Threshold Entry
  • Feature: Stable Style Door - Independent Top/Bottom Opening
  • Feature: Endorsed by the RHS
  • Feature: 12-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
Juliana Compact Roof Gutter
Juliana Compact Key Lock Door


This is possibly one of the most modern greenhouse ranges we’ve seen, and most of that being due to the sophisticated colour options available for the framework.

The heavy-duty, thick frame is crafted from aluminium and is available to purchase in a mix of colours including plain aluminium, powder-coated anthracite and powder coated black.
The main frame is easy to install on top of the included base frame kit, which provides a sturdy starting place to install the rest of the greenhouse on top of, as well as increasing the overall height by 12cm, adding extra vertical space inside.

Each part of the frame is rust-resistant and perfect for long term use outdoors. The powder-coated pieces are even more so resistant as they have an added layer of protection against weathering and will look ‘as new’ for many years to come.


Juliana compact greenhouses are available in the UK with two glazing types. These being toughened glass or polycarbonate glazing, however, both variants are normally sold at the same price, so choosing between the two isn’t about cost, but about your preference.

Toughened glass is the more traditional option, being long-pane pieces of real glass but with the added bonus of being durable. It’s safer than horticultural glass which other brands provide, as toughened glass, if ever broken breaks into tiny pieces, rather than large shards of potentially dangerous glass pieces, making it safer for when children and pets and playing nearby.

Polycarbonate is thought to be a better alternative in regards to providing an improved atmosphere for your plants, but at the cost of it being opaque, rather than transparent - which some gardeners are not too keen on. Although not actually glass, polycarbonate is a highly-durable plastic, and in the case of Juliana is 6mm thick, twin-walled polycarbonate. This is basically like two sheets combined together, with an air gap in between. The air gap is great at trapping heat, letting your plants make the most of the Sun’s natural warmth for longer, as the heat isn’t as easily lost.

When purchasing a Juliana compact greenhouse, the glazing choice will all depend on if you prefer the traditional look or transparent toughened glass, or the added benefit of the polycarbonate opaque glazing.

GreenHouseReviews Toughened Glass
Toughened Glazing Style
GreenHouseReviews Polycarbonate Glass
Polycarbonate Glazing Style

Available Colour Options

The Juliana Compact greenhouse range is currently available in the UK with a mixture of silver aluminium frame, powder coated anthracite grey and powder coated black frame options.

Available Size Options

Offering the more compact sized greenhouses in the whole of Juliana’s range, the Compact range is available in a choice of three sizes, with a full list of these being:

  • 7ft Wide by 5ft Deep
  • 7ft Wide by 7ft Deep
  • 7ft Wide by 9ft Deep

All three sizes boast the same impressive ridge height of 7ft 5inches high!

Review Conclusion

If you’re looking for an exceptional quality greenhouse, with a modern and sophisticated look then a model from Juliana’s compact range could be the perfect fit.
We love the thick framing, the stable-type door and the little added features such as integral leaf guards on the guttering.


Assembly - The assembly instructions are very image-focused which gives a better view on the installation process. Although, Juliana do offer an installation service if you prefer to let their team assemble it for you.

Quality - Juliana offers exceptional quality parts and materials throughout. We can’t fault the ranges for any quality issues.

Range - With only three sizes available in this range, choice is limited, but there are plenty of accessories to help customise your chosen model to the fullest.

Value - The pricing is comparable considering the high-quality finish,and added features.

Warranty - A 12-year manufacturer’s warranty is included as standard which gives confidence in Juliana as a brand.

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