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About Us

We're a couple of avid gardeners who have gained a wealth of growing knowledge over the years, from the time spent in our own garden, shed, and greenhouse to seeing and reviewing greenhouses face-to-face.

We love to grow our own food at home, potter about in the garden, and make the most that nature has to offer. We also enjoy visiting other growers to learn about their experiences, visiting garden centers, attending greenhouse manufacturers, and showsites where we're able to see in person and research, especially when it comes to greenhouses, brands, and manufacturers. We're also often attending gardening trade shows such as GLEE Birmingham to meet new greenhouse makers, view new ranges, and most importantly, review them!

We're independent, we're not owned or run by any retailer or brand so you can rest assured that all of our reviews are impartial, giving buyers the best information when browsing and buying a new greenhouse.

Our Reviews

We base our reviews on five key areas which we believe every gardener should consider when buying a new greenhouse:

  • Assembly
  • Quality
  • Range
  • Value
  • Warranty

As well as in-depth reviews, features, advantages, and disadvantages, we rate every greenhouse range, brand or retailer with our own in-house scoring system, giving you a summary of the overall rating.


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