What To Grow From Seed In September?

What To Grow From Seed In September?

What To Grow From Seed In September?

September can sometimes be hit or miss in the UK in regards to warm weather and sunshine. Some years it hosts the start of an early autumn, yet other years we’re basked in a glorious heatwave. Whatever the weather this month, September marks a pivotal moment for gardeners in the UK.

It’s a time of transition, where the gardening canvas shifts from the vibrant crescendo of summer to the subtler, yet equally rewarding, pleasures of the cooler months. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or someone just embarking on the journey of grow-your-own, September offers a world of possibilities for your garden. So, let’s explore which seeds are popular to be sown in the greenhouse this month.

Greens for All Seasons

The arrival of September doesn’t mean the end of fresh, homegrown greens. In fact, it’s the ideal time to sow seeds for a year-round supply. Lettuce, spinach, and arugula thrive in the cooler temperatures of autumn. Sowing these seeds now ensures a continuous harvest, and the joy of crisp, homegrown salads is not confined to summer.

Imagine the delight of picking your own greens as the leaves glisten with the morning dew. The act of sowing these seeds is like a promise of the future, a commitment to nurturing your garden through the changing seasons.

Overwintering Onions

September is the perfect moment to sow seeds for overwintering onions. These hardy, robust bulbs will establish themselves before the harsh winter arrives, offering a head start for next year’s harvest. Planting onions is a tactile experience, as you gently tuck the small bulbs into the soil, knowing that they’ll silently grow beneath the surface, braving the chill.

As the days grow shorter and the weather turns crisper, your overwintering onions will become a symbol of resilience and the rewards of forward-thinking gardening.

Pungent Garlic

Sowing garlic seeds in September is an act of anticipation. The cloves you plant will spend the winter developing roots, and come spring, you’ll be greeted by robust, aromatic garlic bulbs. Each clove you press into the earth is a promise of the pungent, flavorful dishes you’ll create in the future.

As you prepare the soil and gently nestle the cloves into their new home, you’re participating in a ritual that connects you to generations of gardeners who have relished the joys of growing garlic.

Garlic plants growing inside a raised bed in an English garden.

Winter Lettuce

As September unfolds, the concept of winter lettuce may seem incongruous, but it’s a testament to the versatility of the autumn garden. Planting winter lettuce seeds now ensures a fresh, crisp supply of greens even when frost adorns the garden. These lettuces are hardy, able to withstand colder temperatures and reward you with their refreshing crunch.

The sensation of sowing these seeds in the late summer sun is a tangible connection to the changing seasons. You’re investing in your garden’s future and ensuring a taste of homegrown goodness during the colder months.

Autumn Herbs

Herbs like cilantro and chervil thrive in the cooler, milder days of autumn. Sow their seeds in September, and you’ll have a fragrant and flavorful addition to your dishes. The act of nurturing herbs is a tactile and aromatic pleasure. Crushing a leaf of cilantro between your fingers releases a burst of fragrance that transcends the seasons.

These herbs bring not only culinary enrichment but a sensory connection to the changing garden landscape. Their growth and abundance are a testament to your care and commitment.

Cilantro herb plants growing inside a raised bed in an English garden.

September in the garden is a season of transition, where the gentle warmth of summer is replaced by the cool embrace of autumn. It’s a time for planning, for nurturing, and for embracing the beauty of change.

The act of sowing seeds is a commitment to the future, a promise of the harvest to come. It’s a connection to the earth, a dance with the seasons, and a celebration of the joys of grow-your-own gardening. So, seize the moment, sow the seeds of autumn, and let your garden become a reflection of your love for nature’s cycles. Happy gardening, and may your September garden be a testament to the enduring beauty of the changing seasons.

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