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Our Reviews of Greenhouse Brands

GreenhouseReviews.co.uk is independently run by like-minded gardeners who love to grow their own food at home, potter about in the garden and make the most that nature has to offer. We also enjoy visiting other growers to learn about their experiences, visiting garden centers, attending greenhouse manufacturers, and showsites where we're able to see in person and research greenhouse models and brands.

As such, any product reviews on this website are our own personal opinion, based on our own experience(s) and views. We do not intend or claim any content to be that of professional advice or official information.

All of our product and brand/manufacturer reviews are impartial, independently written, and resourced by us and have no involvement with the brand/manufacturer in question.

We are not directly affiliated with the brands or manufacturers mentioned within our reviews and do not receive any compensation from the mentioned brands for the written reviews we create about their products.

Product Information Accuracy

Our product reviews cannot be guaranteed as being 100% correct, although as much as we try to ensure that all of our product details and reviews are precise and up to date, manufacturers and brands may change specifications or product features at any time without prior warning.

If any part of any greenhouse specification is of vital importance to you, we always recommend you check with the retailer or brand first to ensure that all details are correct and to your preference before purchasing. We cannot be held responsible for any inconsistencies.

Greenhouse Shops / Recommended Retailers

Unlike our product reviews which are completely independent, our suggestions and recommendations about greenhouse shops and retailers may have involvement by the business mentioned.
In some cases, in return for us to review and recommend a specific shop or retailer, we may receive monetary compensation. This is paid to us in return for taking the time to research and publish the retailer in question.

Affiliate Links

On some of our pages, mainly our greenhouse reviews, we may occasionally place affiliate links within our content which takes you to a UK retailer where you can buy the mentioned product from.
If you choose to click one of these links and make a purchase from the same retailer within a short time frame, we may receive a monetary commission based on your purchase.
Note: This does not cost you as the customer any extra, and is paid at the expense of the retailer.
This is paid to us in return for taking the time to research and publish the product, brand, or retailer in question. Our reviews, nor our content are affected by commission payments that we receive, and so all of our content remains independent, whether or not we are eligible to receive affiliate commission or not.

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