How Do Greenhouses Actually Work?

How Do Greenhouses Actually Work?

How Do Greenhouses Actually Work?

We all know what a greenhouse looks like, and we know that it involves a frame and some glazing, but how do they actually work? What makes them better than simply growing from seed on a window ledge or in the conservatory? And are they really worth buying one for the garden?

For us green-fingered enthusiasts, a greenhouse or conservatory can be a real slice of heaven. It’s where we bring our beloved plants to life, giving them the perfect environment to grow and flourish.

Greenhouses are usually made of glass or plastic windows (aka glazing), allowing the glorious sunshine to pour in and warm the environment. But why do we need these structures when we can simply plant outside or on the windowsill and let nature take its course? Well, let me tell you, the answer lies in how a greenhouse actually works!

Warm and Toasty

Putting up a greenhouse can be a bit of a challenge, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Not only does it benefit the environment, but it also provides an all-year-round supply of fresh vegetables and ornamental plants for the gardener.

Some may question the purpose of greenhouses, arguing that light, water, and air are readily available in the natural environment, whereas in a greenhouse they are artificially supplied. But these people don’t understand the full operation of a greenhouse and thus can’t appreciate the many benefits it brings.

So, let me share with you the details of how a greenhouse really works:

Solar Energy & Heat

Just like the great outdoors, greenhouses harness the power of the sun. The glass or plastic structure allows natural light to enter and the sun’s rays to shine in.

Here’s where the magic happens! When the sun’s rays enter the greenhouse, they bring heat along with them. This heat is trapped inside the structure and distributed throughout. It’s like being inside a car on a sunny day, feeling the heat build up even though the windows are closed.

The “electromagnetic radiation” from the sun heats up the soil, plants, and other materials inside the greenhouse. The glass or plastic walls trap the hot air and heat, warming the air and plants within.

The purpose of this is to prevent “convection” which would cause heat to escape through the presence of fluids. This trapped heat is vital for the plants’ growth and development.

It’s for this reason that many gardeners choose to cultivate their plants inside a greenhouse. With proper cultivation techniques and a regulated amount of light and heat, the plants can grow to their full potential.

How Do Greenhouses Actually Work

5 Great Benefits Of Owning A Greenhouse

  1. With a greenhouse, you can grow your plants, flowers, and vegetables all year round, regardless of the weather conditions outside. This means you’ll have a steady supply of fresh produce and beautiful blooms no matter the season.
  2. The controlled environment within a greenhouse provides the ideal conditions for plant growth. With the right amount of light, heat, and moisture, your plants will thrive and produce a much larger yield than they would outside.
  3. With a greenhouse, you can grow a wider variety of plants, including exotic or delicate species that would not survive outside in the UK climate. This opens up a whole new world of horticultural possibilities for gardening enthusiasts.
  4. Greenhouses can be designed and built to be energy efficient, using natural light and heat to their full advantage. This means lower energy bills and a reduction in your carbon footprint.
  5. A greenhouse can protect your plants from pests and diseases, as well as extreme weather conditions like frost, wind, and heavy rain. This minimizes the risk of crop loss and helps you to grow healthy, thriving plants.
  6. Bonus Benefit: Gardening can be a relaxing and rewarding hobby that promotes movement, fresh air, and exercise, whilst giving you a tranquil space to get out of the house and indulge your passion.

Some may still question the efficiency of greenhouses, but once they understand the science behind them, they will see that it’s a fantastic addition to any garden. So, if you’re a plant lover, why not consider adding a greenhouse to your garden and experience the magic for yourself!

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