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Elite Streamline Greenhouse Review

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First Published:
22nd February 2019
Last Updated: 1st January 2024

Streamline yes, small no. That’s the basis for which Elite’s 5ft wide greenhouse range has been designed upon, breaking away from the traditional 4ft and 6ft standard widths to create a mid-ground 5ft variety instead. Perfect for those whose garden won’t quite fit a 6ft wide greenhouse, but where there’s space for one larger than 4ft.

Elite’s streamline greenhouse range is available in five varying depths, starting at 4ft, all the way up to a 20ft deep model, meaning that where space is limited, you’ll still be able to make the most of it with a compact, streamline greenhouse. As quite a popular choice within Elite’s entire collection, we just had to go out and see this greenhouse for ourselves, so read on to see our full Elite streamline greenhouse review.

Features of Elite Streamline Greenhouses

  • Frame: Rigid Aluminium Mainframe
  • Frame Colour: Standard Aluminium with 10 Powder Coating Colour Options
  • Glazing: Horticultural, Toughened or Polycarbonate
  • Door: Double Doors with Low Threshold Entry
  • Includes: 1-4 Roof Vents (size dependent)
  • Includes: Integral Base Frame
  • Feature: High Ridge & Eaves - For the Taller Gardener
  • Feature: Integral Gutters
  • Feature: Long-Established British Manufacturer
  • Feature: 10-Year Manufacturer’s Frame Guarantee
Low Threshold Entry
Integral Base Plinth


With robust eaves and a high ridge, streamline greenhouses feature a strong and durable aluminum frame, along with stainless steel (rather than cheaper galvanised) fittings.

As standard, it can be provided in standard aluminium. However, can additionally be powder coated in an extensive variety of ten other colour options! The other eleven colours include a traditional green to a colourful berry or terracotta, making it the perfect choice if you’re after a greenhouse that will really match with your home and garden. Powder coating also adds an extra layer of protection to your greenhouse, helping to protect it from weathering and rust for longer (from experience we’re talking a decade at least) while keeping it looking newer for longer.

Underneath the double doors, you’ll find a low-threshold entry, which basically means that there’s no high support bar or frame for you to step over, just a small thin strip on the floor which helps to keep the door frame in place and stable.

Streamline in Aluminium
Powder Coated Berry
Powder Coated Green


On top of choosing your greenhouse frame colour, Elite streamline greenhouses also come with an array of glazing options. These being horticultural, toughened and polycarbonate.

Horticultural glass is the standard choice and is the most common, cost-effective and traditional glazing type. It’s provided in a 3mm thickness and comes in 2ft by 2ft panes, which are clipped onto the greenhouse’ frame.

Toughened glass also comes in a 3mm thickness but has been tempered to British Standards EN12150 in order to make it a lot stronger than the horticultural alternative, but of course, comes at a higher cost. There are two main advantages of toughened glazing; firstly, in the event of a pane breaking, the glass shatters into tiny pieces rather than dangerous shards - ideal if children and pets are around. Secondly, the panes are provided as ‘long pane’, which are longer panes that fit the whole side of the greenhouse, rather than clipping multiple smaller panes together, as such with the horticultural option.

Polycarbonate glazing is the third option, and costs around the same price as the toughened option. Polycarbonate isn't actually glass, but a virtually unbreakable plastic sheeting. The polycarbonate glazing on an Elite streamline greenhouse is 6mm thick and twin-walled, meaning that it does a great job at keeping the heat inside of your greenhouse as it can’t escape as easily as entering. It’s also the safest glazing option out of all three, being as it’s plastic, there are no safety concerns of it ever shattering. The only downside to this type of polycarbonate is the fact that the glazing isn’t clear, but more of an opaque finish, which some gardener's don't like the overall appearance of.

Horticultural Glazing Style
Toughened Glazing Style
Polycarbonate Glazing Style

Available Size Options

This range is available in a choice of nine sizes, with these being:

Review Conclusion

It’s always a pleasure to experience firsthand a greenhouse and its features, it was no different completing our elite streamline greenhouse review. It’s great to see a greenhouse manufacturer providing models and sizes to gardeners who struggle to make a normal sized greenhouse fit, while the overall package would be a pleasure to have in the garden, promoting the ability to grow your own fruit, veg and flowers. We found that Elite offer an extensive selection of customisation on their greenhouses. As well as the frame colour and glazing, other customisation options include; extra doors, bar capping, extra ventilation and integral staging. So if you’re looking to purchase a new greenhouse which you can truly make your own, you’ll find no better than one from Elite.


Assembly - The included instruction manual is very extensive which makes installing the greenhouse at home very easy, although larger models can take a good 8 hours or more to complete.

Quality - Elite offer some of the highest quality materials and designs to create greenhouses to the best standards possible.

Range - An almost infinite amount of size, colour and accessory options to really customise and make the greenhouse your own.

Value - Elite greenhouses are on the higher end of the price tag, but the quality, features and finish more than makes it a worthwhile investment, lasting well beyond the initial 10-year guarantee.

Warranty - A 10-year frame warranty is supplied as standard. This isn't as long as what other brands offer, but considering the quality, we wouldn't be surprised if these greenhouses stay standing for many decades to comes.

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