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Halls Magnum Greenhouse Review

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First Published:
2nd June 2018
Last Updated: 7th January 2024

Offering the largest range of sizes within Halls entire collection, magnum greenhouses offer a traditional design with ample space for growing a wide range of your favourite plants, fruit, and veg.

The name ‘magnum’ is perfectly fitting, as with sizes up to a 14ft depth, there’s plenty of space inside that would no doubt delight any gardener.

So if you’ve got the space in your garden to fit one of these mammoth greenhouses and have been looking at purchasing one, read up on our full Halls magnum greenhouse review in order to find out the advantages, disadvantages, and features of this particular greenhouse range.

Features of the Halls Magnum Range

  • Frame: Rust Proof Aluminium
  • Glazing: Horticultural, Toughened or Polycarbonate
  • Includes: 4 Openable Roof Vents
  • Feature: Reinforced Frame with Cast Iron Joints
  • Feature: Integral Gutters Along the Roof
  • Feature: Easy Slide Double Doors
  • Feature: Long-Established British Manufacturer
  • Feature: 15-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty


Similar to the other Halls greenhouse ranges, the magnum makes use of aluminium for the main framing. However, it also boasts an added bonus - as it also features cast iron reinforcement joints to extend the overall stability and integrity of the structure.

As of 2022, Halls manufactures the magnum range in three colour options; standard aluminium with a silver finish or powder-coated green or powder-coated black. Standard aluminium is the basic option and of course, is the most affordable price. Although, the powder-coated green finish can look a lot more appealing if you plan on citing your new greenhouse on the lawn or amongst shrubs and bushes as it will no doubt blend in seamlessly with its surroundings. Whilst the black offers a modern-looking structure for those looking for a more contemporary and up-to-date looking structure.

All three variants offer great resistance against rust and weathering, although the powder-coated option of green or black adds an extra layer of protection. But saying that, if the aluminium version suits you and your garden, you shouldn’t come across any issues with it rusting or requiring maintenance, especially for a good amount of years to come.

Halls Magnum in Silver Aluminium
Halls Magnum in Powder Coated Green
Halls Magnum in Powder Coated Black


Glazing for your magnum greenhouse is available in three different options for plenty of choice;
horticultural, toughened or polycarbonate.

Horticultural glass is the standard glazing option, being the most traditional and common due to the affordable cost. In the magnum, it’s provided in 3mm thick panes that are 2ft by 2ft in size. The panes are simply clipped onto the greenhouses’ frame and fall into place slightly overlapping one another.

Unlike horticultural glass which can be a danger when shattered due to the large shards it produces, toughened glass provides a safer alternative. As if were to ever get broken, it'll break into tiny pieces causing less exposure and risk to you and your family getting injured.

Magnum greenhouses can be provided in toughened glass, which is also 3mm thick but has been tempered to make it a highly stronger alternative. A second advantage of going for the toughened glazing option is that the panes are provided as ‘long pane’ pieces, which are longer panes of glass that fit the whole side of the greenhouse in one sheet, rather than clipping multiple smaller panes together, as such with the horticultural option.

Polycarbonate glazing is the last glazing option. It isn't glass so isn't as traditional to look at, but offers the most security and safety when it comes to having children and pets playing nearby. Polycarbonate is a plastic material that's twin-walled to aid with insulation and is highly durable and flexible, meaning that it's super hard to break, even when hit with a football or similar.

Buyers Tip: If buying a greenhouse online, just ensure that the retailer you choose sells genuine Halls branded glazing along with the frame, as some of the cheaper selling retailers only sell a Halls branded frame and bundle it with their own cheaper alternative glazing and accessories.

Horticultural Glazing Style
Toughened Glazing Style
Polycarbonate Glazing Style

Available Colour Options

The Halls magnum greenhouse range is currently available in the UK with a standard silver aluminium frame or a powder-coated green or black frame.

Available Size Options

This range is available in a choice of three sizes, these can be seen below.

Silver framed Magnum greenhouses;

Green framed Magnum greenhouses;

As pictured left to right: 8ft x 10ft, 8ft x 12ft and 8ft x 14ft sizes.

All three sizes are supplied at the same external ridge height of 8ft 6 inches, which is almost two foot taller than the standard Halls Popular greenhouse range!

Review Conclusion

Ideal for those with a bigger garden who want to make the most of their greenhouse and the space inside it, the Halls Magnum range is no doubt a great choice for gardeners and offers overall good value for money in terms of the quality, growing space and features supplied as standard.


Assembly - The instruction manual can be a little confusing at times, although Halls the manufacturer do offer support over the phone, as well as there being installation videos online which are ideal to watch beforehand.

Quality - The materials are of high quality, but we have seen thicker framing and glazing. Although for the low price, we don’t feel like this should be a major negative.

Range - With three colour options and three sizes, it's a mid-size range to choose from, but does have a wide array of optional matching accessories to truly make the greenhouse your own.

Value - Prices are pretty competitive and good value for money when compared to other brands and the size of the greenhouses, making this a good buy in terms of value for money.

Warranty - The hefty 15-year guarantee provided by the manufacturer is a real bonus and gives confidence of the quality and craftsmanship gone into making the range.

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