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Palram Harmony Greenhouse Review

If you’ve been looking around for a new greenhouse, then you may have come across the Harmony range by Palram. There are multiple sizes to choose from, on top of the two frame colour options, making it easy to find that matching size and colour greenhouse to fit perfectly into your garden.

By reading this review, we’re guessing you’ve already spotted the Palam Harmony range available for sale online, but you may be looking for more information about the features, benefits and disadvantages (if any) of this particular range. So carry on reading to get up to date on our full Palram harmony greenhouse review...

Features of the Palram Harmony Range

  • Frame: Rust Resistant Aluminium
  • Glazing: Durable Polycarbonate Clear Plastic
  • Includes: Integrated Roof Guttering
  • Includes: Perimeter Base Frame
  • Includes: 1-2 Roof Vents (size dependent)
  • Feature: Easy Slide-on Glazing Panel Assembly System
  • Feature: Arrives Flat Packed for Simple DIY Assembly at Home
  • Feature: 5-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

As standard, Palram Harmony greenhouses are pretty well kitted out. The addition of the integral gutters and included base frame makes it a cost-effective purchase being as these are sometimes optional paid-for extras with other brands of greenhouses.

Everything’s included that you’d need to start growing your own favourite flowers, fruit and veg, although, some retailers also offer a range of optional paid-for accessories which can help to enhance the growth potential of your new growing area.

A side louvre window can be added to give extra ventilation, as well as automatic roof vent openers which will turn the manual opening roof vents into automatically opening versions so that you won’t ever need to worry about the humidity inside getting overly hot. Matching staging and shelving can also be purchased as optional extras, all helping to offer extra workspace and handy areas to store, pot and sow your crops.

Reverting back to what is included, the framing, glazing, guttering, base frame, 1-2 roof vents are all provided as standard, as well as a handy 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, giving added peace of mind about your new purchase.

Materials, Frame & Glazing

As with most modern greenhouses on the market today, Harmony greenhouses make use of aluminium for the main framing, galvanised steel for the included perimeter base frame and polycarbonate for the glazing panels.

Aluminium is the standard choice for metal greenhouses and the Harmony range is no different. It’s strong and durable yet lightweight enough to be able to be delivered flat-packed to gardeners, while also making assembling the greenhouse at home as easy as possible, with minimum fuss.

As for the glazing, all of Palram’s greenhouses are supplied with polycarbonate glazing, and unlike other brands, this is the only glazing option available. Although, with over 50 years of experience manufacturing glazing sheets such as polycarbonate, Palram are well-known for their expertise and this is proven by their glazing choice.

Sliding Glazing Assembly
Integral Gutters with Downpipe

The crystal-clear glazing is classed as being “virtually unbreakable” by Palram and offers a much safer alternative than horticultural glass being as there’s no risk of it shattering into small, dangerous pieces, if it ever did occur a high amount of impact damage.

A benefit to Palram’s polycarbonate is that these glazing panels are UV resistant, being able to block out 100% of harmful solar rays while still letting 90% of the light to pass through. They also won’t shatter, discolour or fade overtime.

Available Colour Options

The Palram Harmony greenhouse range is available in either standard aluminium or powder coated green.

Harmony with Powder Coated Green Frame
Harmony with Silver Aluminium Frame

The standard aluminium is the cheaper option and is still rust-resistant, however, the powder coating alternative not only offers a more neutral, traditional colour framing that’ll be a more fitting choice to blend in with your garden surroundings but also adds a second layer of protection against weathering over time.

A question you may now be asking is… Would we suggest getting the powder-coated green just for the sake of the added powder coating benefit?
It’s a good question! And with the powder-coated green models costing on average an extra 10-15% more than the standard aluminium models, it can be a big difference in price, especially if we’re talking about the larger sized models.

Our opinion would be… No. Unless you specifically wish to go for the green colour option to actually have your greenhouse in green, then we wouldn’t suggest buying the powder coating version just for the sake of it. The standard aluminium is perfectly fine as it is, and is rust-resistant. Although, you may just wish to give the aluminium frame a good clean at least once a year, either with a sponge and soapy water or a jet washer on a low setting. This will help prevent any build-up of mildew, moss and dirt and keep the frame in ‘as-new’ condition.

Available Size Options

Greenhouses within the Palram Harmony range are available in a choice of five sizes, starting off with the smallest, yet standard 6ft by 4ft, leading up to the largest model standing at a modest 6ft by 14ft.
A full list of available sizes are as follows:

  • 6ft Wide by 4ft Deep
  • 6ft Wide by 6ft Deep
  • 6ft Wide by 8ft Deep
  • 6ft Wide by 10ft Deep
  • 6ft Wide by 14ft Deep

As pictured left to right: 6ft x 4ft, 6ft x 6ft, 6ft x 8ft, 6ft x 10ft and 6ft x 14ft sizes.

All five sizes are supplied at the same height of 6ft 10 inches.

Review Conclusion

Overall, the Palram Harmony range offers a decent range of grenehouse sizes and colour options for those looking for a standard yet affordable growing space.


Assembly - Assembly is made easy due to the slide n’ lock glazing system. As the external size measurements aren’t overly huge, installation can be completed with just two people.

Quality - Rust-resistant aluminium framing and standard polycarbonate glazing is a standard quality level for the price point.

Range - Offering five different sizes in two colour options, there’s a good amount of choice for shoppers looking to buy from this range.

Value - The inclusive steel base frame makes this a good buy, and for the size and quality of greenhouse that’s provided, the price points are pretty well on-point and of standard value.

Warranty - A 5-year limited warranty is provided by the manufacturer, which isn’t as long as other brands or ranges and so would be the only downside we could find.

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