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Vitavia Ida Greenhouse Review

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First Published:
15th November 2018
Last Updated: 6th January 2024

Vitavia's Ida range comprises of nine greenhouse models, all with a lean-to design to offer a growing space that can be directly positioned against a wall of your home. Each one boasts a durable anodised aluminium frame, bracing for added stability and a choice of glazing styles. So if you're limited on space elsewhere in your garden, these may be just the solution to enjoying a practical growing space. Carry on reading to see what makes the Ida so impressive in our full Vitavia Ida greenhouse review.

Features of the Vitavia Ida Range

  • Style: Lean-To
  • Frame: Anodised Aluminium
  • Glazing: Horticultural or Toughened
  • Includes: 1-2 Roof Vents (size dependent)
  • Feature: Integral Gutter Along the Lean-to Roof
  • Feature: Single or Double Door
  • Feature: Long-Established Manufacturer
  • Feature: 10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


As with all metal greenhouses on the market today, Vitavia Ida models make use of a strong and durable anodised aluminium frame. It's lightweight yet strong, making it great for long-term use outdoors, while the added anodised finish adds extra anti-rust properties that will help to keep it looking like new for longer.

Similar to other brands, each of the size options can be purchased in one of two frame colour options; standard silver aluminium or powder-coated green. The first option is, of course, the standard finish and so would be the cheapest to buy. However, the powder-coated green option is definitely a little easier on the eyes and fits in beautifully with the garden surroundings, so can naturally blend in with your lawn or among plants and bushes.

The powder coating process not only makes the greenhouse look more natural in appearance but also offers an additional layer of weather protection. Although, if you weren't bothered about the colour we wouldn’t suggest going for the green just for the sake of having it powder coated, as the standard aluminium frame will still offer a practical structure that’s made to last without weathering, needing barely any maintenance and is still covered by the manufacturer's 10-year warranty against rust and corrosion.

VitaVia Ida in Silver
VitaVia Ida in Green


Mostly all Vitavia Ida greenhouses can be supplied with either horticultural or toughened glazing. Although, for the 6 x 8 ft, 6 x 10 ft and 6 x 12 ft sizes, these boast a polycarbonate roof, with horticultural glazing only for the wall panels.

Here's a brief overview of the differences between horticultural, toughened and polycarbonate glazing.

Horticultural is the most common, traditional glazing type. Consisting of real glass panes that are provided in a 3mm thickness, in 2 ft by 2 ft panes. Each pane gets clipped onto the greenhouse’ frame during installation.

Toughened glass, is as the name suggests, glass which has been tempered in such a way that makes it a lot stronger than the horticultural alternative, but of course, comes at a higher cost. In the event of a pane breaking, the glass shatters into tiny pieces rather than dangerous shards - ideal if children and pets are around.

Polycarbonate glazing isn't actually glass, but a virtually unbreakable plastic sheeting. It's generally thicker than real glass and twin-walled, meaning that it does a great job at keeping the heat inside of your greenhouse as it can’t escape as easily as entering. It’s also the safest glazing option out of all three, being as it’s plastic, there are no safety concerns of it ever shattering. The only downside to polycarbonate is the fact that the glazing isn’t clear, but more of an opaque finish, although this is highly useful when used in the roof as it can help to repel harmful UV rays while still letting plenty of the sun's natural light and warmth inside.

Available Size Options

This range is available in a choice of six sizes, with a full list of these being:


In conclusion to our Vitavia Ida greenhouse review, it's clear that this range is ideal for those who don't have space for a greenhouse within their actual garden area, but do have the space against a wall of their home - also being able to take advantage of the extra benefits that this possesses, with the wall of your home absorbing the sun's heat during the day, which is then slowly released back into the greenhouse after dawn, keeping your seedlings and plants warmer for longer.
Overall, with the anodised aluminium frame, standard features, the long-standing reputation of Vitavia and a 10-year warranty make this range of great value for money and offers peace of mind of its quality.


Assembly - Installation of Vitavia Ida greenhouses can take a little more preparation as the connecting wall will need to be perfectly level beforehand. But once that's in order, the rest of the install should be pretty simple by following the extensively detailed instructions.

Quality - Great quality, especially with the anodised frame and bracing supports, not found on similarly priced lean-to models.

Range - You should note that there are only two colour options available and limited glazing, with some sizes offering a different selection of choices than others.

Value - Quality vs price is very good value with this range.

Warranty - The 10-year warranty isn't as high as other manufacturers, but we would still think that these greenhouses are able to last a good few decades of growing.

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